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Employee Support Just Got Smarter and Easier; Introducing Prompt ai

For the past year, LogMeIn has been working on a technology that we believe will reinvent the employee support market. Let me introduce you to Prompt ai. Prompt is an AI-powered support tool that is both powerful and accessible. Accessible is the key word. AI tools are popping up all over the place, but often times they can seem far too advanced for small to mid-sized organizations who don’t feel like they have the resources, budget, or skills to put it to work for them. And that is what we were trying to solve. Making an AI solution for everyone.

We had the foundation of the technology (thanks Bold360 ai) and started this journey off with a simple question – how can we use our AI expertise to solve some of the biggest pains for support teams? After working with customers and industry experts, we knew where we should begin – employee support. Most IT teams will tell you that they spend a good majority of their day answering the same questions over and over again. And frankly, for most, this is not what they signed up for. Telling someone how to reset their password 100 times a day is killing productivity and hampering career advancement. On top of that, employees that ask these questions don’t want to bother the IT teams (yes, Todd, I forgot how to print on the new printers …again. Can you please help?), but they have no other choice.  So the question we rallied around was “how can we make a better support experience for employees and IT teams?”

Our team quickly got to work. We started by mapping out ideal employee and IT journeys for successful self-service. Those journeys often hit roadblocks because of the limitations of current approaches including out of the way support portals and poor content maintenance. Prompt ai eliminates those barriers by bringing the self-service experience directly to the employees in the tools they use every day like Slack and Microsoft Teams and makes easy, strategic content management the norm.

Prompt ai is built with natural language processing that understands employee questions and intents no matter how they are asked – encouraging adoption because of how easy it is to use.  It helps employees solve their issues quickly while freeing up IT teams to help those that need them most (and to focus on strategic —  move the needle type of work).

Prompt ai has been in beta for months now – including being fully rolled out right here at LogMeIn for over nine months. The learnings from our own internal use have helped us not only fine tune the development of Prompt ai, but also gave us a deeper understanding of IT and employee expectations and reactions. And you’d think being LogMeIn our IT team would have gone easy on us, but they were our toughest customer. Check out the video below where LogMeIn’s CIO, Ian Pitt, Manager of Enterprisewide Applications, Anderson Dinga and Prompt ai’s Product Lead, Anand Rajaram reflect on how Prompt ai came to be.

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